Our Approach

Desert Springs Tourism established in 2013. Desert Springs Tourism mission is to become the leading provider of leisure travel to the people of Middle Eastern and Europe countries. Our ultimate goal is to the winner and purely reflect the inheritance and culture of the warmth of the Gulf countries, especially that of the United Arab Emirates.

Our Story

DST knows that every customer is special and goes to great lengths to ensure that they feel the same way in every step of the journey by providing them with the highest quality of service. We place great value on transparency, integrity and long term relationship with our guests thus we match your trust with a team of highly dedicated travel and hospitality professionals capable and willing to cater to your needs anytime required.

  • An overview of our purpose, our outcomes, our target markets, and our current programs.
  • Attracting a more discerning and higher spending visitor.
  • Increasing the number of visitors, especially repeat visitors.
  • With expert staff & multi-lingual Tour Guides at your service any day and any time of the year, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Uncompromising standards in quality of services and selection of associates.
  • Implementation of innovative strategies & management techniques.

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