Helicopter Tour

  • 12 minutes tour only in 649 AED
  • 22 minutes tour only in 1499 AED

Pick up and drop off is available from your location with additional charges.

Reach for the sky: Admire Dubai’s most famous landmarks at an eagle-eye perspective during your 12-minute helicopter ride. Get a striking sight of the Burj Al Arab Hotel, Jumeirah Beach, the Jumeirah Palm, and many other stunning views!

Discover the places you’ve never been before you’ll never forget the experience we are ready to present you! This unique tour allows you to see Dubai as you’ve never seen it before – from the air. Seeing Dubai from the cabin of a helicopter provides a breathtaking overhead view of the city, giving you a new perspective on its many attractions.

Fly and discover: Witness current and future developments on the world’s fastest-growing region. A place containing a fascinating contrast between modern city life and the timeless desert. Year-round sunshine and five-star luxury make Dubai a truly extraordinary city of the 21st century. As you soar the skies in the helicopter, you will get the ultimate panoramic view of this intricately designed city.

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Price From AED د.إ 649/person
Total د.إ 649 AED

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